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Professional training workshops:

Sharpening your people skills:  Our basic training on improving human relationships.  3 sessions. 6 hours
Customer Service:  Exceptional customer service is the goal of this module. Used in tandem with Sharpening your People Skills. (1 or 2 sessions, 2-3 hours)
Team Building:  How to build an effective team so that we can work more effectively and enjoy it at the same time.  5 sessions, 6-8 hours.
Personal Leadership Development:  Understand yourself as a leader and develop your ability to lead more effectively.  5 sessions, 6-8 hours.

Personal and family seminars:

Understanding the Love of your life:  Marital Team Building seminar.  Learn how you can better understand, communicate & meet the needs of your spouse.  3-4 sessions. 6 hours. 
Sharpening your parenting skills:  Practical training for the place that helps shape life-direction.  Based on “People Skills” and How to Really Love your Child by Dr. Ross Campbell.  4 sessions. 6-8 hours.
Developing your spiritual relationship:  The basis of balance and effectiveness through understanding our Creator, ourselves and how to develop this most important relationship. 4 sessions.  6-8 hours.

Other training:

  • Ministry in the Workplace.  Being an effective ambassador for Christ in the workplace. Based on Mark Greene’s book “Thank God it’s Monday”.  6 sessions, 8 hours.  This can also be taught once a week in a small group over 12 weeks.
  • Balanced Life.  This study explores a deeper level of personal balance and encourages students to construct and live by a personal mission statement.  Five sessions, 6-8 hours.
  • Pathways.  This is a one-on-one, 1.5 days intensive coaching for leaders and others who are at a crossroad in life, who want to more fully understand and live God’s plan for their lives.  
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